Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Nights

So, every Monday night we have a Bible study at the Centre for the Thai students, led by one of the Thai workes, Max. (Or Pi Max, you add "Pi" to show respect to someone older than you)
Last night, four of my students from my second class came! It was really exciting! With my students, there were 9 people there, plus Tim and myself. So it was really cool! Then afterwards we went to The Milk Zone, for sundaes. I was so happy when so many came. I really didn't expect it at all.
Tonight is "informal night" where we just ask our students to go out for supper or shopping or other things. I've asked one of my students, Nok, to go out for Chinese food. Opal will also be coming. Please pray for us! Who knows what opportunities might come up!

In other news.... my bike is still up and working, and I've found out that it is slightly downhill from the Centre to my room, which makes me happy because the ride home at night is really easy. Unfortunately, it also means that the middle of the day ride is hot and hard work.
I'm still sticking to my Thai exercise program with Opal. We run every weekday morning, and then do a variety of other exercises as well. I've also been refusing to use the elevator, prefering to walk up the 4 floors.
The food here is great, but can be really spicy. So it's important to ask for "pet nitnoy" or little spice, so that you can actually eat what they give you. I've found this place near the Centre that makes a killer chicken fried rice, and the guy that makes it is kind of bigger, has long hair and wears flip flops. I've started calling him my Hawaiian guy, because he looks like the cook off of "50 first dates".

If you guys have any questions, be sure to post them! I usually just post answers to the comments, so remember to look back and read over any extra comments!
Miss you all!


At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Tiffanie said...

Hey beth!
thats awesome! pet nitnoy...a common phrase i used often! :o) you're in my prayers. keep truckin along!! love you tons!!!

At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You . . . . . um rode an elephant. Or should I say you "rode" an "elephant"

Yeah, that sounds better . . . mmmmmmmm elephants . . . . .


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