Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Some more pictures!

Ok, as promised, here are some more pictures for y'all!
On this first one, you can see our very serious morning staff metings. And by morning, I actually mean early afternoon. Mondays we meet at noon, every other day we meet at 1pm. From right to left you have Tim, Max (or P'Max), Jim, Wor and you can just see Jennifer's arm. Also, please notice the title to the back. SUPERBOWL!

These next two picture are from Friday Night party, which was a big success.
All the wonderful decorations you see on the back wall, I either created or adapted from other's work. It was lots of fun.

Basically Friday nights are the fun, evangelistic night, where we are a little more forward about why we have all come to the Centre. It's a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it.

Tonight it cooking night! We will be making BBQ sandwiches for the Thai's. And tomorrow will by girl's night, where all the girls who want to come, come across the street to the house the Centre owns, and play games, cook & eat together, paint nails, watch chick flicks, all that kinda stuff and then there is a short sharing period and then we have a sleepover!

If there's anything else you guys want to know about Thailand or my time here, just post your requests as comments, and I'll be sure to talk about it!


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