Saturday, February 18, 2006

Super Hero night!

Super hero night was certainly a super success! The Dental hygiene hero was a great hit once people found out what I was (they only have colgate here, not Crest, so realizing I was a toothpaste tube took a bit of work). And as those who know me could verify, I just love wearing capes, so even if the night hadn't gone well, I would have had fun. Everything's more fun with a cape. Also, if you were admiring Opal's Mr. Incredible outfit, I made it too.
All the staff dressed up, and even some of the students did as well. Playing some of the games was hazardous though, because of the many capes and costume bits flying around.
Jim, our local australian, shared his testimony, and it was really great.

In terms of what's been happening with my students, I'll give a quick update. My second class still has 7 people. I've been spending a lot of time with Nok lately, and it's sad because she is graduating right now, and is heading out to Bangkok in a month for work. She's super open to talking about Christianity, but as there would be no time for discipleship before she left, we are still praying about what to do.
Another student, named Run (I don't have a photo, sorry, I'll try to get one up), I've also had some great opportunities to talk with. She's said to me "You know, this God is a really good god, I can see that by being here at the Centre. And it is such a great place to be here, it's like my home." She's wants to be a Christian, but she's afraid of her parents response if she did, especially her father. She's worried that they will be very angry with her. Please pray for her and her family, that she could have the freedom to make a decision.
In my first class, I still have my 3 girls. T.O, Gift and Waan. They are great. They invited me to a concert/show that their school put on today. I was expecting something kinda like the shows we put on in jr. high back home. I was dead wrong. It was in the city's convention centre, with professional lighting and sound. It was a 3 hour program. It was the story of Thailand's history in dance, highlighting the different types of dances that are traditional around the country. They had amazing costumes. Some of the head pieces were incredibly elaborate. My two favorite were 1) a golden "helmet" of sorts with two 3 foot long crimson feathers sticking out the top, and 2) an elaborate hair style where a huge bundle of (in this case, fake) hair stuck straight up about 2 feet above their heads and then curved backwards in a loop. It looked like a monkey's tail. And most of the costumes were shimmery and shiny, so it sometimes felt like you were getting lost in a shining golden sea of coordinated movements. Also, there was one dance of about 150 children all around 5 years old, which was incredibly cute as they were all dressed up in traditional costumes.
After the program was a concert by the famous Thai band Armchair. I was nearly deafened by the appreciative shreiks of the 15 year old girls sitting around me. People also looked at me weird when I pretended to sing along.
I'm sorry, have you never heard of Armchair? Where have you been? In North America or something? They are famous around here! It's a 5 person boys band, but only the lead singer and the pianist sing. The music was pretty good (not my style, but good), but it was hard to hear due to everyone in the crowd singing along at the top of their lungs along with shreiks and laughter whenever the lead singer looked their way. And since I was in the 3rd row, that was always. Anyways, I think it's kinda like a Justin Timberlake imitation band, except that the lead singer had a hardcore mullet. Yup, mullet power all the way baby. All I know is that the girls loved it.


At 12:13 AM, Anonymous stonejewel said...

Thai mullets are ppl too.

At 12:17 AM, Anonymous tiffanie said...

hey babe....funny stuff. who comes up with all of these cool activities anyways? and you really look good as a toothpaste tube! maybe you should support that look when you come back to canada. anyways...we just got back from celebrating jeff downey's times. and my cuz from newfoundland is here now for reading west ed all day. a lot of fun! to you later mama!! keep us updated!! :o)

At 2:25 AM, Blogger Bethany said...

Hey hey!

Yeah, I rather like myself as a toothpaste tube too. We come up with the themes on the first week of the month, I supported the superhero theme.
Have fun at the mall!


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