Saturday, April 15, 2006

A busy sort of day

I've been busy lately. I've played Songkran twice, which is absolutely exhausting, and this morning I went Bungy Jumping.
Which actually, was a little bit of a let down.
Chiang Mai's Jungle Bungy jump is 50 meters high over a small but deep pond. I stood at the top for a bit, and then thought "Ok, let's do this" and dove off. The falling bit was quite nice, and just as it got fun I suddenly felt this incredible constriction around my legs, which pulled me back up. You go up and down a couple times, but your legs really start hurting and you can feel your feet losing all circulation. Then you hang for a while while they lower you, and "ta da!" its done. They give you the certificate and the t-shirt and you get back into your car again. Your life is not really forever changed.
I'll have to try skydiving....

Anyways, my time here is wrapping up. Tomorrow I head home. I'm packed and ready. I'll really miss my mango and sticky rice though. And of course the people here.
Songkran is fun, but gets a little tiring as a foreigner. While they let some Thai's by without dumping several buckets of water on them, there is some unspoken code that says "Never ever let a foreigner by without completely drenching then". It's great fun when you are dressed and ready. When you just went out to grab a slurpee from 7-11, it's kinda frustrating. Especially if you just showered and changed into dry clothes. All part of the deal I suppose. It is fun, after all.
I'm sure I had something else to tell you fine folks, but its slipped my mind. Oh, right!
My wonderful little bike had a terrible flat tire this morning, so I had to run around until I found someone who could pump it back up again. I also fixed the tire with my little patch kit I bought. I knew that would come in handy! And just in time for me to use it too. So that's the word from Chiang Mai. I'm heading home tomorrow, can't wait to see you all!


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear Bethany
Welcome home! Hope to see you soon.
love Shirley


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