Monday, March 27, 2006

The craziness is overwhelming!!

Hi Peoples!
I have really been bad at updating lately. I apologize. Things are getting wildly crazy around here and I never seem to be able to get what I want to do.
The wedding was great. I brought my camera, but since it's late I had to go to the cheap internet cafe where my USB doesn't work. So pictures tomorrow. It was very different from a North American wedding, but more about that later.
Sunday was fun too. At church we had a guy named Jim Thurber do a session on Cat and Dog Theology, which was actually quite a bit of fun. Then Jen and Andre, a couple from the church, took me out for lunch. It was lots of fun.
Then I biked out to the railway station and saw the team off. They returned to Bankok and took Kalen, another Vanguard intern here in Thailand back with them. I was quite jealous and almost didn't get off the train when it was time to go. (Things are a little different here, I actually got on the train and hung out there without question until the final bells. Even then, I wan't kicked off, I just didn't have time for a trip to Bangkok)
It was sad to see them go, but I can't wait to hear about all the exciting things they are going to do in China. I might be a little jealous though.
Anywyas, time for me to get to bed! Good night you all! Tifany, our new team member is arriving tomorrow, so I need to be awake and ready to go early tomorrow morning to get her from the airport.
Oh, and Jenny, our Irish teammate is sick, so please pray for her! Thanks!


At 6:51 PM, Blogger meagan said...

I'm sure the team you were with enjoyed the time spent with you too...Rachelle said she loved it:)It's already gone so quickly, I can't imagine how it feels for you. You remain in my prayers whenever I think of you...and I will need a long coffee to hear what these last few months were like:) Love you lots girl...I am so proud of you and sooo happy you are enjoying your time there!!!!

At 5:47 AM, Blogger Bethany said...

awww. That's wonderful Meagan. I feel special...
Can't wait for coffee. Hmmm.. just the thought of Timmies and 2nd Cup is making me drool....


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