Sunday, April 09, 2006

The weekend

Friday night was a gong show.
As I said in my last post, we had a YWAM team in, adding an extra 18 foreigners to the group. So with the Centre staff, the students and the team, there was something like 50-60 people for Friday Night Party.
They did a good job for the games, and then one girl (Meredith) did this incredible dance while another member (John) played "24" by Switchfoot. It was awsome. The she shared her testimony and asked people to respond if they wanted to be a Christian. Three of our students did. Their people and our people went and prayed with them. It was exciting.
The rest of the night was just a celebration. We had a dance party, which culminated in the "Canadian dance club". This was where the 3 Canadian team members and I danced to the techno music while everyone else was strewn about, exhausted. Yup, Canadians certainly had the most stamina.
Once even we were exhausted, the YWAM team went home and the Centre staff sat down to watch a movie.
After that we went to Midnight chicken, where they serve great chicken. At midnight. It was great fun.
I finally arrived home exhausted at a really late hour.
Saturday I saw a movie with Tiffany, one of our new members at the Centre, and ran into some members of the YWAM team. I introduced them to Black Canyon Coffee, the cheaper and better Thai version of Starbucks.
This morning I went to church and when I got home I was planning to go to my waterfall again, but fell asleep instead. Which was good, because when I woke up it was pouring rain. It's been raining a lot lately, and I keep getting stuck in it. Storms move in here in half an hour, it rains like crazy for an hour and 10 minutes later it's sunny with not a cloud in the sky. It feels like being back home in Alberta.
So 2 hours ago it was raining cats and dogs. Now there is hardly a puddle anywhere and it's back up to the sweltering heat.
Songkran will start in the next few days I think. Already people are pouring into the city and traffic is crazier than ever. Luckily on my little orange terror, I have more mobility than even the motor bikes, and can often go faster in heavy traffic than anyone else.


At 7:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany!
I am glad to hear that you are having a great time! Soak it all in because all too soon you will be back here in Canada wishing you could go back.
I will be praying for you health, that you are restored fully to it.
In all honesty I would have to say that I believe you really needed this trip. You sound so alive and refreshed!
Good for you girl!
Miss you
Elizabeth Paul


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