Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Those crazy Vanguardians!

What a great weekend I had! Hanging out with the team was FANTASTIC! As was the care package they brought from my mom!
I don't have much time to write at this moment, because I have to teach in just a few minutes, but here's one anecdote from the weekend:
Rachelle, one of the girls from the team is really afraid of bugs and insects of all sorts. So, when the first night I was there a cockroach was discovered in the room, she wasn't doing too well with it. But then I told her my secret about dealing with unwanted room companions, which is to name them and make them a pet, in which the personification of the said creature then makes them less scary. So I told her about Rod. And we named the cockroach Bernie. I also picked it up and threw it outside. But for the next few days, she was naming everything in sight. My favorite was walking into the church for rehearsal and seeing a wasp fly around while Rachelle yelled "What's its name? What's its name?" and then calmed down completely when I replied "Jerry".
Ok, more later! And pictures are to come!


At 7:54 AM, Blogger kristi said...

Ohh Rachelle... that is an awesome story! I had no clue she was afraid of bugs! Thanks for sharing all the stories of the team Bethany!


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