Saturday, February 25, 2006

I saw Kalen!!!!

Hello peoples!
Sorry it's been a while with no updates, I've been trying to get photos for everything to put up as well. I'll be posting about Tim and Clair's farewell party tomorrow hopefully.

Anyways, I saw Kalen! I met her and Michelle Williams (her supervisor) at the Central Airport Plaza, and of course went to Starbucks. I however, much to all your surprise I'm sure, did not have a coffee because, as part of our health lesson in class, I decided to go off the stuff for a week. That was tough. Really tough. Oh well, tomorrow is a week, and I've survived!
Anyways, after that, we went to a camp where the children from the children's home in Bon My Swan were having a day retreat. It was really cute. The next picture here is of P'Hom, who is the pastor's wife of the Bon My Swan church. She really liked me because of my language ability, and was not too happy that I had to come back into the city and couldn't stay overnight out at the dormitories. (And Cindie, who is that over my left shoulder? For those of you who want to know, that's Tara, a Canadian from the same small town as our Cindie!)
We had lunch at the place you can see, then we went to a couple of different places to buy handicrafts at wholesale prices, and then headed out to the tiny village of Bon My Swan.
The children's home out there is actually one of the Compassion sites. They go into the hill tribes and find children who have no school to go to, and allow them to apply for the program. If they are sponsored, they come and live with the other 96-97 students in Bon My Swan. This is a picture of all the kids, gathered for the evening worship and devotion time. Worshipping with them was awesome! They were all yelling out the words and doing the actions as the bright stars above shone down on us. There were even a couple that were translated English songs, so I could sing along.

Oh, and did I mention where we had supper? This was the beautiful spot where we ate, suspended over the water during sunset. It was absolutely amazing. And we had some amazing food too! My favorite was the "dancing shrimp". And no, that's not a figure of speech. They really are dancing. The live shrimp come in a little covered bowl that you shake. The shrimp then jump like crazy until they exhaust themselves and you can eat them. Every once in a while though, they will jump off your spoon. My favorite was Kalen, who screamed probably 3 times in trying to get the shrimp to her mouth, had to restart many times, and really struggled with it, and the moment she put it in her mouth, her face changes completely and she says "oh, it's good!". And we have it on video!
How much fun was that?
You can see the little white shrimp in this picture. We couldn't take the lid off for very long, or they would jump out, and once they hit the table, they aren't clean, so we'd throw them into the water.
It was a perfect day, in every respect. So thank you Kalen and Michelle!


At 9:39 PM, Anonymous tiffanie said...

thats AWESOME! holy cow..i wish i was there. dancing shrimp...haven't had those before! what excitment! :o) i can barely contain myself.

At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Cindie said...

Sounds like an amazing day...the world just keeps getting smaller and smaller eh...Carman Manitoba is taking over the world haha...if only I was coming up to see you guys but alas the south will be awesome as well.


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