Monday, February 27, 2006

In other news...

I have a roomate!

I've named him "Rob". He's small, and green, and like long walks across the ceiling. His favorite food is flies, live and wriggling. In short, a gecko found it's way into my room, and I can't catch the thing, to put it at liberty where it might survive. It really like hiding under the fridge when I'm in the room. I'm hoping he'll find his way out or I'll be able to catch him and set him free at some point. Until then, I have a companion. I set out a dish of water, but he doesn't seem too interested in it. Maybe time will change that.

Some of you may wonder what there is to do for fun around here... so I've decided to do a little Chiang Mai review for you all.
When bored:
-go for a walk! There are tons of little roadside markets and vendors to keep you busy all the time.
-go for a run! There are many picturesque parks around the city with jogging paths and exercise stations. I rather enjoy them, and use them every morning.
-go to Mike's burgers. This is a small place with big taste! It's also the home of sarcasm. The sign proclaims that is has been converting vegetarians since 1979. It's also filled with hillarious pictures, bumper stickers and more. And everyone takes advantage of the two hour guarantee. If your food is not made within two hours, IT"S FREE! My favorite bumper sticker is "Save a cow, eat a vegetarian".
-go to Walking street. On Sunday nights, two major streets in the old city are blocked off and becomes a huge market for handicrafts. It's great. It even makes a non-shopper like myself excited.
-Go to Night Bazaar. Sure, it's the tourist market, and more expensive than walking street, but it's open every night!
-Eat. And eat some more. There are WAY too many good restaurants around here.
-Walk to the nearest waterfall. I've only done this once, but it was great.
Well, that's all for now! Talk to you all soon!


At 3:27 PM, Blogger meagan said...

you've painted quite a sounds like a beautiful place. I'm glad you are so adventurous:)

At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Tiffanie said...

fun times! i like the fact that you blog on a regular basis! it's mine and cindie's entertainment for each evening! who needs evening news when we have bethany's blog! ;o) what exciting lives we have as we are leaving in 10 DAYS!!! so much work to do! i've heard you are a language pshyco. keep it up my smartiepants friend. looking forward to you putting me to shame around people i've seen way more times than you. (no...i'm not talk to you later mama! loves ya tons and i don't want you to come home... :o)

At 7:02 PM, Anonymous NOVA-KINS said...

Are You still pooping Regularily??

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Bethany said...


Thanks for your regular comments Meagan and Tiff! They are encouraging! I'm glad it brings you all entertainment.
I try to make people laugh. I miss you all.

And Nova-kins, yes, I'm still pooping quite regularly, thank you. I've only felt nauscious one evening, and the rest of the time, I've been quite fine.


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