Sunday, March 12, 2006

Blogging is weird...

Blogging is a really strange thing. It starts kinda fun, and then it takes over your life. Everyday, as things happen, I keep thinking "Ohhhh, that'll blog well" or "I better remember to put that up, I bet people back home will find that funny". So, just so you all know, you are in my thoughts constantly. And yes, I usually forget half the things I'm planning to do.
Like today, I'm sure I had at least three things to put up, yet here I am sitting at the dimly glowing screen with nothing at all coming to mind. Soooo frustrating.
So instead, here is a picture of Rod for you. I know he's hiding, and it's a bad picture, but it's all I can get of the little guy. He doesn't like his picture taken very much.
The "making the lizards your pet" thing has really caught on. Jennifer was terrified of the wild geckos in her room and was losing sleep. Then she named hers "Lizzy" and the world has been a happy place ever since. It's no longer frightening that her pet is running around her room. Perspective is everything. I love it!
I got a new book today. I've read about 9 books since being here and am exhausting the appealing options in the Centre's library so I went to a used bookstore and grabbed Pride and Prejudice. It's one I've wanted to read for a while, mostly just to say I've read it, but that's ok too.
You know what else? I only have 5 weeks left! This is insane! Where did all the time go? It was "I've only been here two weeks" yesterday! And now it's I've been here almost 2 months! I don't know. It's so weird. But I'm getting really good at bartering! And ordering food. I really love it if I can get a chicken fried rice with pineapple. So delicious! Or even just the fresh pineapple is delicious! Hmmm... I think I'll go get some... now. Bye!


At 12:23 PM, Blogger meagan said...

He looks a little camera shy...but he sure is a cutie....hmmm, beth, maybe you could get him through customs....hmmm
You'll have to teach me your bartering skills when you get back. 5 weeks is so short. Where did the time go?? I would never want to wish any of your time away, but on the good side, it'll be nice to see you again! (and hear what all happened in Thailand. Have a great week!!
Love meagan


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