Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Vanguard team is coming!

It's now March, and I'm getting quite excited that the Vanguard team is coming to town! I hope to join them for a weekend (especially if I can have some more of that wonderful "gung den" or jumping shrimp...), and hopefully they will be able to come out and see me too! See where I work, what I do, etc.

I've now reached the half way point in my internship. It seems wild to think that I'm half done. I still feel like I've only just got here.
I've been trying to think of how to answer the people who get back who will (undoubtedly) ask "How was it?" The first answer is that "It's just like life here (in Canada), except it's over there". It's funny how life just... goes on... I mean, I surrounded by beautiful mountains, I eat different food, my only friends are my coworkers, and I miss my parents, but other than everything being different... it's the same. I'm still the same me that I am everywhere else. God is still the same God he is everywhere else. And the books available to me here are many of the same available in Canada. (I think I'm working on book #9, most of them being on leadership or spiritual development)
Sometimes, my Canadian life, driving around in my big red truck and rushing from place to place in the snow seems life the surreal life, where as biking around this tropical country, speaking Thai and buying grilled pork and sticky rice seems absolutely normal. Then I usually just mentally pat myself on the head and say "there, there... it hasn't really sunk in that you are in Thailand, the Siam of old, has it?"
I'm really not sure.

Other than that, I seem to have lost Rod. I think he's either found his way out, left me for another girl, or he's dead under the fridge. I'm planning to check out that third option tonight. That would be sad, I left water out for him and everything. It was like having a friend.

Prayer requests: Please pray for clarity in my communication with the students. Some times it is difficult for us to communicate effectively.
Pray for the students as they are all taking their final exams right now and are stressed out of their minds.
Please also pray for health. Nearly everyone has gotten sick in one way or another in the past week, and Opal is really sick too.
Pray for the last preparations of the Vanguard team and their safety as they travel here.


At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Tiffanie said...

i wish rod would have stayed around. who knows...maybe you have a bed buddie. lol. can't wait to see you babe. hip hip hip!
i think bout you every day...even wears meself out!

At 7:13 AM, Blogger Bethany said...

Don't wears yerself right outs for mee ok?

At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Crystal Montoya said...

Bethany, I am believing for you, in Thailand, I hope you can see them too!
Bless you! The new one in the small group.


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